Product in Pipe Line

    • rsz_rsz_caph_monthpack_bcn

      Dibasic Sodium Phosphate 0.032, Monobasic Sodium Phosphate 0.009, Calcium Chloride

    • erwinase

      Erwinase is used in combination with other anti-neoplastic agents to treat acute

    • Oncaspar

      Original pegylated asparaginase accepted world wide and available in pack of 3750 IU and


      Reduce instensivity conditioning regiment for autologus and allogenic BMT.

    • Defibrotide

      Only product licence in Europe and America for treatment of VOD post stem transplantation.

    • BCG--Medac

      BCG-medac should be administered in the conditions required for intravesical endoscopy.

    • Treosulfan-Injection

      Treosulfan for treatment of all type of cancer and reduced intensively conditioning

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