BCG- Medac

BCG-medac should be administered in the conditions required for intravesical endoscopy. The patient should not drink over a period of 4 hours before the instillation until 2 hours after the instillation. The bladder must be emptied before BCG-instillation. BCG-medac is introduced into the bladder by means of a catheter and at low pressure. The instilled BCG-medac suspension must remain in the bladder for a period of 2 hours if possible. During this period the suspension should have sufficient contact with the entire mucosal surface of the bladder. Therefore the patient should be mobilised as much as possible. After 2 hours the patient should void the instilled suspension by preference in a sitting position. In case of no specific medical contra-indication, a hyperhydratation is recommended to patient for 48 hours following each instillation. BCG-medac should not be used in children as safety and efficacy have not been established. There are no special instructions for the use in elderly

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