For the treatment of all types of ovarian cancer, either supplementary to surgery or palliatively. Some uncontrolled studies have suggested activity in a wider range of neoplasms.

Because of a lack of cross-resistance reported between Treosulfan and other cytotoxic agents Treosulfan may be useful in any neoplasm refractive to conventional therapy.

Treosulfan has been used in combination regimens in conjunction with vincristine, methotrexate, 5-FU and procarbazine.

3 – 8 g/m2 i.v. every 1-3 weeks depending on blood count and concurrent chemotherapy. Single injections of up to 8 g/m2 have been given with no serious adverse effects. Doses up to 1.5 g/m2 have been given intraperitoneally. Doses up to 3 g/m2 treosulfan may be given as a bolus injection. Larger doses should be administered as an i.v. infusion at a rate of 3 g/m2 every 5-10 minutes (8 g/m2 as a 30 minutes infusion).

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