Adverse Event Reporting

Keeping in view of our motto “Obsessed with Quality”, we at Paviour Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. have prime concern of patient safety ahead of other interests. Moreover, it is both our regulatory and ethical responsibility to monitor the safety of all products we provide to patients.

As all medicines have potential benefits & risks, the aim of Pharmacovigilance is to evaluate those risks and minimize safety issues in all possible ways.

Please note drug safety comprises all aspects of drug reaction including side effects, adverse events, adverse drug reactions, lack of efficacy or any undesirable responses reported after administration of medicine to the patient.

How to Report:
We encourage patients / consumers, healthcare professionals to report any adverse event observed or experienced after consuming or administering any of Paviour products.

To report, you may opt for any of the following means:

• Please contact us on Mobile no. 8595267274 or 9810075320 (working 24 hours)

• Please download the adverse event reporting form (Click here to download), send it to us duly filled in, legibly,by any of the following ways:

• Submit the completed form to our company representative

• Send the completed form by post to:-
Pharmacovigilance Department
Paviour Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
311-312, Suneja Tower – 1, District Centre,
Janakpuri, New Delhi – 110058

• Scan and send the completed form by e-mail to :

• Send the completed form by Fax to: 011-25542183

The patient’s identity is held in strict confidence and protected to the fullest extent. The company shall not disclose the reporter’s identity in response to a request from the public, unless directed by court or regulatory authority to do so.