One beam

One Beam
One Beam is GINEVRI’s new concept bilirubinometer designed to achieve accurate bilirubin serum level measurements in newborns through the analysis of micro-blood samples.
Newborns require constant monitoring of bilirubin levels. Through its ease of use and remarkable accuracy One Beam provides required support to doctors.
One Beam allows for s prompt photometric analysis of bilirubin in the serum (conjugated and non –conjugated total ) using a capillary tube as an optical cell.
The HD OLED display indicates both bilirubin (mg/dl and µmol/l) and interfering agent (g/dl) values.

11412B73) Restabil Standard Value , 2 High and 2 Low 1144A73 ) Heparinized capillary tubes , pack of 1.000 pcs 569) Sealing wax of 1.000 capillary tubes 6442) thermal printing paper, 1 pc 12957A73) Lancets, pack of 10.000 pcs V05- 038575) STERIHEEL PREMATURE Lancets, pack of 200 pcs V05-031025) STERIHEEL NEWBORN Lancets, pack of 200