Pactrys TM

NIV Disposable face mask with head gear & Bronchoscopy port
Disposable single – patient use. Oro-Nasal Interfaces. It is Intended to administer oxygen or other breathing gases into the upper airway system
• Features:
• Light Weight
• Low Dead space
• Anatomical shaped Dual Facial Sealing Flanges
• Color coded for Size indication
• Bio compatible materials
• Integrated Chin Cup for mask stabilization
• Water Clear mask dome
• 22 mm Female medical tapered mask port

PACTRYSTM series includes integrated Hose Barb Female Lure & Endoscopic Port
3 sizes of a Multi Laminate posts integral to mask Quick- Releases features
Mask model
• Pactrys Large
• Pactrys Medium
• Pactrys Small

• Mask Dome
• Mask Flange
• Headgear
• Clips
• Swivel ports
• AAV Diaphragm