Baby Start

Infant T-Piece Resuscitator

Baby Start is a lightweight Infant T-piece resuscitator suitable both for delivery and post-delivery rooms, special care baby and neonatal intensive care units.

Current resuscitation guidelines(*) recommend use of a manual T-Piece device with a potential benefit of achieving fixed PIP targets and deliver consistent PEEP values to help establish acceptable FRC levels improving lung volume in newborns with respiratory issues.

Operated by an external gas source (Air/02) Baby Start is a user-friendly apparatus irrespective of experience, training and effort level applied providing the baby with suitable breath patterns.

The T-Piece includes an adjustable valve to achieve required PEEP level. This single-use adjustable T-Piece includes a respiratory tube and connections to the manual resuscitator. Baby Start is available both with a heated circuit suitable for Humidified Gas applications and non-heated circuit. Heated circuits are 1000/o compatible with “Wetty” GINEVRI humidifiers.

Resuscitation is executed applying a positive pressure through the use of a mask or an endotracheal tube by manual command and voluntary expiration. Neonatal resuscitation masks are easy to use and designed for complete face adhesion. These are available from GINEVRI in two sizes suited to fit any newborn.

Baby Start is available with an optional time counter to perform SUSTAINED INFLATION therapies, a prolonged continuous positive pressure gas supply is transferred to the respiratory system enabling a prompt recovery of respiratory functions. The counter aids operators by emitting acoustic signals every five, ten or fifteen seconds from activation.

Baby Start can be installed on various surfaces and GINEVRI equipment using a dedicated multipurpose mounting bracket, included an useful trolley (optional).

(*) – 201 5 American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care – Part 13 Neonatal – resuscitation.
- 201 5 European Resuscitation Council Guidelines for Resuscitation – Section 7.
Resuscitation and Support of Transition of Baby at Birth.